Casio CT-X3000 Portable Keyboard

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Wherever you are on your musical journey, and no matter your budget, you shouldn’t have to compromise on sound quality. Meet the CT–X3000. Powered by the stunning AiX Sound Source, its sound makes it a must-have for keyboardists of any level who need a portable instrument.

What truly sets the CT–X3000 apart from other portable keyboards is its heart: The powerful AiX Sound Source. This technology makes the CT–X3000 sound like a keyboard costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more.

The CT–X3000 features a powerful 12-watt speaker system protected by tough metal grills. It's compact, lightweight and rugged, with a tough molded case. When not using the included AC adapter, the CT-X3000's optional battery power makes it perfect as a go-anywhere musical partner. 



  •  AiX Sound Source
  •  61 full-size touch-responsive keys
  •  800 Tones 235 Rhythms (all editable)
  •  Bright, backlit LCD display
  •  1/4" headphone out 1/8" audio input
  •  17 track sequencer, phrase pads, and arpeggiator
  •  Powerful 12-watt stereo speaker system
  •  Expression pedal input
  •  Class-compliant USB-MIDI plus USB device port
  •  Includes AC adapter (or 6xD batteries, sold separately)
  •  Includes tablet-ready music rest
  •  An arsenal of DSP effects including amp models, rotary speaker simulation, and more