Hercules Trumpet/Cornet Stand

Hercules Trumpet/Cornet Stand


Clements "Orchestra" Tuba Mouthpiece

Clements "Ensemble" Tuba Mouthpiece

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Notes from Tony:

ENSEMBLE (1.32”) – This mouthpiece has the same ‘feel’ as the Orchestra model; the rim is identical. The cup is SLIGHTLY shallower and the throat is smaller. I use this mouthpiece on the MW Tuono, Hirsbrunner HB2, Alexander 163 and the Gronitz PCM, as well as Miraphone 186 & 188. I have used it on my Gronitz F’s (FZ-127 & PF-125) when I wanted my F tuba to sound like a CC. I use this mouthpiece in smaller orchestral settings (6-8 cellos & 4-5 basses) or where I want a slightly lighter sound, as in quintet. This is the best all-around mouthpiece as it makes PLENTY of sound when needed; yet you can get real light and soft on it.

I designed these mouthpieces because I wanted to try to get different results from the same mouthpiece. What I have done is taken an old Miraphone C4, and duplicated the rim. I then made the four mouthpieces using BASICALLY the same rim on each; they are slightly curved and cushioned. Further, I made them all heavy walled, as I liked the feel of the extra metal on the mouthpiece, rather like the Monet, R&S Helleberg, Mike Finn and the Deck. If you go back and forth between these mouthpieces, your chops won’t feel the difference, but because of their different construction, different results will be afforded with little effort. Each mouthpiece is heavily silver plated.